Performix Men’s 8HR Time-Release Multi-Vitamin Powered by Super Male T


multi-vitamin super male t

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Performix Men’s 8HR Time-Release Multi-Vitamin Powered by Super Male T


PERFORMIX™ Performance Multivitamin + Super Male T combines a high-potency formula of essential vitamins and with our powerful testosterone booster, for the ultimate male performance support. This unique time-release multi suspends target ingredients in omega fish oil for added health benefits.†


PERFORMIX™ Men’s 8 Hour Time-Release Performance Multivitamin + Super Male T utilizes TERRA Intelligent Dosing™ to release key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants over 8 hours to help your body scrub free radicals and support immunity. We believe in high performance always, so we created a multi to fuel your high-performance lifestyle all day long.†


This formula is packed with an efficacious dose of LJ100® , the only science-based Eurycoma longifolia extract that has been shown in human clinical trials to support increased free testosterone production. This powerful extract works in tandem with a male performance complex to promote strength, endurance, mood and sexual health.†


We developed a patented PERFORMIX™ technology that combines our TERRA beads packed with key ingredients, with a pure fish oil suspension, to give you the benefit of two products in one. Our fish oil supports overall joint and brain health while delivering heart-healthy omegas.†^


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multi-vitamin super male t