Performix Men’s 8HR Time-Release Multi-Vitamin Powered by SST


performix men's multivitamin sst

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Performix Men’s 8HR Time-Release Multi-Vitamin Powered by SST


PERFORMIX™ Men’s 8hr Time-Release Multi + SST combines a high-potency formula of essential vitamins and minerals with the energy and focus of SST, designed exclusively for active men. Delivered over 8 hours for all-day performance, target ingredients provide immune support and added health benefits while fueling mental drive and helping you achieve a lean physique.


PERFORMIX™ Men’s 8 Hour Time-Release Performance Multivitamin + SST utilizes TERRA Intelligent Dosing™ to release key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants over 8 hours to help your body scrub free radicals and support immunity all day long.†


Total performance requires more than your average multi. We’ve harnessed the power of SST, our proven thermogenic formula, to promote the energy and focus necessary to perform at your peak.†


MCT oil, Huperzine A, Alpha-GPC, and Cognizin® provide cognitive support.†


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performix men's multivitamin sst