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capsilean reviews

CapsiLean Reviews: What CapsiLean Does and How it Works

By Super Health Center | Apr 12, 2018

CapsiLean Reviews What CapsiLean Does and How it Works   Capsilean Reviews: MaxQ Nutrition’s CapsiLean is a clinically-dosed natural weight loss supplement that purportedly can: Increase your daily calorie deficit by up to 357 per day Blocks/slows down absorption of carbs, starches and sugars so your body doesn’t store them as fat. Burns calories and […]

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how long does it take to build muscle

How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle?

By Super Health Center | Mar 12, 2018

How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle? If you’re just starting a fitness plan, you might want to plan when you’ll be able to show off bigger biceps or tantalizing traps. Or, if you’ve been working out for a while, you might wonder how much longer before you notice definition. Well, look no further, […]

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insulin resistance

Insulin Resistance and Weight Training

By Super Health Center | Feb 6, 2018

Insulin Resistance and Weight Training Regularly weight training is part of a healthy lifestyle, but there is a relationship between weight training and insulin resistance that one must know in order to maintain health and prevent health issues. Namely caused by cortisol in response to weight training. Cortisol is a glucocorticoid secreted by the adrenal […]

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Why Fructose is Making Your Child Fat

By Super Health Center | Feb 5, 2018

Why Fructose is Making Your Child Fat Childhood obesity is growing faster than the typical first grader’s waist line, and the study of causes behind it intrigue scientists who are desperate to pull the reins in on the increasing weight of kids, and on parents’ inability to understand what roles they– and fructose– play behind […]

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Arthritis Pain and Treatment

By Super Health Center | Feb 5, 2018

Arthritis Pain and Treatment Arthritis is a complex disorder that is comprised of more than 100 distinct conditions that can affect people at any stage in life. The two most commonly discussed forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both have very different causes, risk factors, and effects on the body– yet share the […]

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sleep increases testosterone

How Sleep Increases Testosterone Levels

By Super Health Center | Feb 2, 2018

How Sleep Can Increase Testosterone Levels You’ve probably heard hardcore competitors tout the benefit of sleep in maintaining and gaining strength and size. As  “beauty sleep” drove the damsels indoors for their daily afternoon nap back in the day, so does a good night’s sleep attract the joggers, jocks, and gym rats. However, when questioned […]

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How Bad is Aspartame?

By Super Health Center | Jan 31, 2018

Aspartame Addiction Do you find yourself craving diet drinks like Pepsi or Coca-Cola? What about coffee that is sweetened with aspartame-laden artificial sugar? Perhaps your favorite beverage is a calorie-free (aspartame containing)  iced tea. These all sound good and healthy, right? After all, there’s little to no calories and they’re not loaded with sugar. What […]

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guide to bulking

A Simple Guide to Bulking

By Super Health Center | Jan 31, 2018

A Simple Guide to Bulking During winter many weight lifters take this opportunity to pack on mass. This year, instead of adding pounds of unwanted and useless body fat, why not take a smarter approach and focus more on gaining quality weight? Bulking shouldn’t mean “getting fat,” and there are smart ways to put on […]

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Is Alcohol Really That Bad?

By Super Health Center | Jan 25, 2018

Is Alcohol Really that Bad? I’m sure you’ve heard about or read about how certain alcoholic drinks can be beneficial to your health. Generally, a glass of red wine per day is the recommendation, but what about how other alcoholic drinks affect the body? Are they all really that bad? Alcohol’s Affect on the Body […]

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