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What is Vaso6


If you’re looking for pump and you found Vaso6 in your product, you’re about to get informed and pumped.

Vaso6 is a patented ingredient that is all natural. It increases nitric oxide production, blood flow and is proven to increase your vasodilation by 50 percent.

Vaso6 Q&A What is Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is a molecule that our body produces during certain chemical reactions. NO helps the body’s relax and widen arteries and blood vessels so more blood can pass through. Exercise causes the body to need more oxygen. So when you lift weights or train, your body naturally starts releasing NO. But as we age, we aren’t as efficient as producing NO.

Enter: Vaso6. Not only does it help your body produce it, it is clinically proven to open up those veins by 50 percent! This means more oxygen fueling your muscles so you can work out longer.

Vaso6 Q&A : What are the other benefits of nitric oxide

  • Since Nitric oxide relaxes vessel walls, it improves blood pressure.
  • NO is also extremely beneficial for the heart.
  • Nitric oxide also has anti-inflammatory benefits
  • NO helps prevent white blood cells and platelets from sticking to vessel walls which can prevent plaque build up.
  • NO helps keep aging vessels flexible.
  • Nitric Oxide is beneficial to help prevent cardiovascular disease

When should I take Vaso6 or nitric oxide?

Of course, we are always going to defer to your doctor first. If you’re in good health and cleared to take supplements, NO supplements can benefit you at any time, but if you’re an athlete—taking them 0-30 minutes prior to your workout will help boost your nitric oxide production, get your blood vessels relaxed so you can pump more oxygen to your muscles and go longer.