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Introducing: Your New Physique; Starring Lean
Muscle, Directed by Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences hasn’t ceased to amaze us thus far with their precision products tailored to meet the most distinct needs of individuals from clinically malnourished, to bodybuilders. Their designs comprehensively target the most optimal ingredients, manufacturing process, and formulas even pinpointed specific times of day to maximize your gains in health. And now with their newest debut, they’ve done it again.

Leucine is an essential amino acid and cannot be manufactured within the body but must be ingested through supplementation or dietary intake. Based upon the physiological function of leucine in the presence of protein, Physical Sciences has formulated Physical Sciences Protein Synthesis Director to pump up your protein’s productivity; clearly outlined in the name of the product. Much like a symphony conductor, with only a small movement of the hand, initiates a resounding collective composition; uniting individual musicians in harmonic key immediately; leucine does this with aminos to unite their muscle building music with the flick of leucine’s wrist.

The addition of leucine to protein serves to jumpstart anabolism. This initiation leads to an increase in muscle synthesis through amino acid activity and anabolic processes by up to 70%. Its presence during protein ingestion directs cells to open up and build up lean tissue with the protein you’re taking in, leaving little to waste and allowing you the most effective use of aminos and training. Physical Sciences is clearly dedicated to your success, supported by their precision engineering of supplements; you can get that competitive edge only at exclusive retailer www.superhealthcenter.com.