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Yohimburn ES Topical Fat Burner

Yohimburn ES (Topical Fat Loss) 4oz
Yohimburn ES (Topical Fat Loss) 4oz
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Yohimburn ES (YES) is yet another big jump forward in topical fat loss. Yohimburn ES provides all the benefits that Yohimburn DF and its predecessor Yohimburn delivered. In addition it also provides immensely enhanced fat burning and energy effects. Yohimburn ES (YES) is more powerful than Yohimburn DF. The energy enhancement effect is noticeable as is the increase in both local and systemic lipolysis. Another advantage to ES is that it will work on fatty deposits that are not as A2 rich.

The ES platform adds:

Acetyl-l-Carnitine (ALCAR): Increased lipolysis via enhanced mitochondrial activity.

Acetyl-l-Tyrosine (ALTYR): Increased neurotransmitter and substrate availability, essential for extended lipolytic and adrenergic activity.

Histidine: Increased lipolysis, specifically in WAT (white adipose tissue) via peripheral modulation of CNS.

Theophylline: Increased lipolysis, "energy" and diuresis via cyclic AMP and Beta-Adrenergic activity. Theobromine: Increased lipolysis, "energy" and diuresis via cyclic AMP and Beta-Adrenergic activity.

May in some individuals cause appetite suppression and feelings of "satiation".

Several of ingredients in Yohimburn ES, including:

  • yohimbine
  • theophylline
  • caffeine
  • theobromine are mild CNS stimulants.

    Even though they are applied topically they will still have some stimulatory effect. Also ALCAR and ALTYR will have some mild stimulatory enhancement effects due to their impact on neurotransmitter levels and mitochondrial activity. Because of this Yohimburn ES is also more stimulatory than original and DF. The effect is fairly short-lived, typically less than 2 hours following the application. As with most supplements the stimulatory effect will vary between users. You may find that when you first start using Yohimburn ES (YES) that you're more comfortable lowering the dosages of any oral stimulants you're using simultaneously with YES, such as those containing ephedra or even ephedra free formulas. Once you are comfortable raising the dosages of the other fat burners you should do so incrementally to maintain a comfortable level while you work out.

    4fl oz in an aluminum bottle with pump.
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    Topical Fat Burners

    Letís face it some of us just cannot swallow pills. Others of us hate the feelings of nervousness or the raised heart rate along with sweating and the crash that comes after taking pills to increase energy to lose weight. Thatís where people like us can use Topical Fat Burners. Topical Fat Burners are very effective in the war to lose weight and more convenient than swallowing pills they also donít give your system any of the unwanted feelings that come with taking pills.

    Topical Fat Burners are easy to apply just rub on the area that you want to see decreased fat like your stomach or thighs. The cream can be applied several times per day and left on all day. There is virtually no mess most donít stain clothes and most have a nice scent to them.

    How Do Topical Fat Burners Work?

    Topical Fat Burners have a number of scientific substances in them so that when they are applied to the skin the reaction causes a cooling sensation on the skin that causes the water in the fat cells to be expelled. It brings the fat cells up out of the skin and vaporizes them into the air. It does not get any easier than that.

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