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Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat with Yohimburn DF

Yohimburn DF Topical Fat Burner
Yohimburn DF Topical Fat Burner
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Yohimburn DF gel contains the worlds most powerful fat burner Yohimbine. Our exclusive Yohimbine Delivery Solution insures the most effective delivery of Yohimbine into those fatty areas you apply it to. We have added a diuretic to help remove water retention in the area as well.

If you have dieted and exercised properly and still can't get rid of fat that you have in a particular area of your body such as love handles, thighs (women) or chest fat (men) then it's time to attack the problem at the source.

You have no doubt noticed by now that some areas of the body store a disproportionate amount of fat. This is the kind of fat that just won't go away no matter how hard you diet or exercise. These "Stubborn Fat Pockets" or SFP's are a result of fatty tissue that has a high number of Alpha 2 adrenoceptors. These Alpha 2 adrenoceptors (A2) are like the stop buttons for fat burning. When they are activated no fat is utilized at the site. Even worse, when they are activated even more fat is stored in the same area. What all this means that in the war against "Stubborn Fat Pockets" the A2 is one of the main enemies.

Yohimburn DF is a type of yohimbine cream but with some real advantages over other creams. Yohimburn DF uses advanced topical delivery and alpha receptor blocking technology to increase fat burning at the site where it is applied. Each bottle of Yohimburn is made by hand and is individually dosed by our lab to be consistent. Diuretic Factors are added so you can see your results as they occur. Rather than waiting for months to see results like you do with other creams you'll see results usually in the first two weeks.

Yohimburn DFs Alpha Receptor blocking technology that will allow you to start to win the war against the SFP's. Yohimburn DF blocks the A2 which allows for normal fat burning to occur in these otherwise "Stubborn Fat Pockets". Yohimburn allows you to lose the fat that would otherwise be very difficult, bordering on impossible, to burn. In addition, Yohimburn DF also increases the rate at which Fat in these SFP's is burned. It does this by "tricking" your body into producing more of the fat burning chemical Nor Epinephrine in the area that Yohimburn is applied to. This means that it will greatly accelerate the fat loss at the site that it is applied to.

Yohimburn DF is most effective in areas that have a high number and density of A2. ESTROGEN is what determines the number and density of these A2 in fatty tissue. This is part of the reason that women have more and larger SFP's. These areas include but are not limited to the thighs, lower back, triceps (back of the arm), hips and butt. Men also produce estrogen and are exposed to estrogenic chemicals. The primary areas for men's SFP's are lower back, lower abs, love handles and chest. Yohimburn DF is an effective tool for men and women in the fight to lose fat from these areas.

Yohimburn DF is the ultimate fat burning gel. This gel contains the worlds most powerful fat burner Yohimbine. Our exclusive Yohimbine Delivery Solution insures the most effective delivery of Yohimbine into those fatty areas you apply it to. We have added a diuretic to help remove water retention in the area as well.

Yohimburn DF is MADE IN THE USA with the top USA Grade: USP24 Yohimbine hcl and no alcohol that might damage the Yohimbine inside. Contains 4oz of Yohimburn DF.

What is Yohimbine HCL and what does it do?

Yohimbine is used topically to increase lipolysis, or fat burning, both locally and to a lesser extent systemically (all over). Yohimbine works best on "stubborn" fat areas. These "stubborn" fat pockets are a results of genetics and estrogen exposure (natural and environmental). Estrogen creates these stubborn fat pockets by increasing the # of A2 adrenoceptors and by directly activating them (which inhibits fat burning) While yohimbine is not an anti-estrogen, its action on the A2 adrenoceptor allows for the release (burning) of fatty acids in these estrogenic fat pockets. Basically yohimbine allows you to easily burn fat that otherwise is almost impossible to burn. In women, topical use of yohimbine is most effective in thighs/hamstrings, buttocks, hips and triceps (though not limited to these)- results are noticeable in women, because of higher estrogenic exposure, regardless of body fat percentage. In men, the areas vary more but typically-chest, love handles, buttocks and thighs- results are more noticeable in men with lower body fat percentages- because men typically have less stubborn fat- though the stubborn fat they have is just as difficult to lose. Basically this means that if you are leaner you will see the results more clearly because most of fat you have left is stubborn fat, though you will not necessarily lose more fat than someone with a higher body fat percentage. Each application contains enough solution to apply 50mg of yohimbine. The solution has a pleasant peppermint aroma and you will experience a cool tingling sensation as the solutions improves the action of yohimbine at the site of application. One bottle contains 3500mg of Yohimbine HCL in a peppermint scented solution created especially for the delivery of Yohimbine HCL by MP Technologies. Each bottle of Yohimburn is made by hand and is individually dosed by our lab to be consistent. If you have the new Yohimburn DF pump bottle use 2 pumps per area.

What is Yohimburn DF?

Yohimburn DF is an enhanced version of the original Yohimburn with Diuretic Factors What difference do these Diuretic Factors make? They will decrease, even eliminate, the sub-cutaneous water that many users of Yohimburn report. Will it make me burn more fat? There will be a slight increase in the fat burning effect, however its main effect is cosmetic. So if I don't care about the water? Then original Yohimburn is what you should get. Will it make me more stimulated? Since it contains Caffeine anhydrous it may have a slight additional stimulatory effect, though most people don't notice it. Are there any other benefits? Recent studies show that topical caffeine may help to prevent skin cancer. But the main benefit is the reduction in water retention.


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Topical Fat Burners

Letís face it some of us just cannot swallow pills. Others of us hate the feelings of nervousness or the raised heart rate along with sweating and the crash that comes after taking pills to increase energy to lose weight. Thatís where people like us can use Topical Fat Burners. Topical Fat Burners are very effective in the war to lose weight and more convenient than swallowing pills they also donít give your system any of the unwanted feelings that come with taking pills.

Topical Fat Burners are easy to apply just rub on the area that you want to see decreased fat like your stomach or thighs. The cream can be applied several times per day and left on all day. There is virtually no mess most donít stain clothes and most have a nice scent to them.

How Do Topical Fat Burners Work?

Topical Fat Burners have a number of scientific substances in them so that when they are applied to the skin the reaction causes a cooling sensation on the skin that causes the water in the fat cells to be expelled. It brings the fat cells up out of the skin and vaporizes them into the air. It does not get any easier than that.

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