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Phase 1 Fights & Prevents Yeast Infections

Aqua Flora 16oz Phase 1
Aqua Flora 16oz Phase 1
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Aqua Flora Phase 1 brought to you by Superhealthcenter.com fights Candidiasis to help you rebuild a healthy inner environment and to prevent Candida yeast overgrowths.

In just 7 years AQUA FLORA Phase I has established itself as one of the best yeast fighters ever! And when used in conjunction with AQUA FLORA Phase II, it's the most powerful weapon available to help overcome systemic yeast infections.

Take AQUA FLORA Phase I to eliminate your body of a difficult yeast infection and then take AQUA FLORA Phase II to finalize your treatment. May also be used as a maintenance dose over an extended period to control future out-breaks, or as an alternative to Phase I for hypersensitive sufferers.

The basic dose schedule for AQUA FLORA is to take two bottles of Phase I for the first month, then to be followed by two bottles of Phase II for the second month.

Ingredients: Candida Albicans 30C hpus, and Purified (deionized) Water USP.

Recommended Use: For adults take one (1) ounce - two tablespoons - daily on an empty stomach 20 minutes prior to a main meal (e.g. breakfast or dinner). Equivalent to two (2) bottles for the first month. Follow by using AQUA FLORA Phase II in the third month.