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Time and again, Cytodyne products consistently deliver such extraordinary results that many of our customers are compelled to write to us about their experiences. Judging by the number of unsolicited testimonials, we know were doing something right. Heres what just a few of our many satisfied customers say about our breakthrough sports nutrition and weight loss products.

These results may not represent those of the typical user.

With Xenadrine, I lost 70 pounds and lowered my body-fat from 27% to an amazing 7% faster than I ever thought possible.

Randy Martin

I recently met a major goal in my life by receiving a pro title in the International Fitness Federation (IFF). I earned this title following only three months of weight training, a correct diet consisting of high protein and low carbohydrates and cardio exercise. I also used Xenadrine and Taraxatone to help me get into the shape Im in now. I started at 21% body-fat and got down to 14% at contest time. I am now setting my sights to more upcoming fitness events in the near future. Thanks for all the great products.

Debbie Buess
Hilliard, Ohio

Hot, hot, hot. There is no other way to describe Xenadrine. At the age of 34, I dropped 26 pounds in only eight weeks. As a result, I won 1st place in Golds Southeast Classic (Novice Middleweight, 162 lbs). All this was due directly to Xenadrine. I will promote your product to anyone who wants to lower their body-fat and gain the energy to train hard.

John Ehlers
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

I am a 43-year-old competitive bodybuilder. I have been bodybuilding for four years and competing for three. Since this time I have placed in the top five in 20 out of 24 American Natural Bodybuilding Conference shows. I was about to start dieting for my last show, but I ballooned up to a hefty 210 pounds, which is well over my usual weight of 195. Ive tried all the so-called fat-burners with sub-standard results. Then a friend told me about Xenadrine. I got more defined than ever before. My fellow competitors were amazed at my condition. Xenadrine is fantastic!

Yours in bodybuilding

Freddie Potenti
Worcester, Massachusetts