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What’s the HYPE?
Hyperlean FX7; Wreaking Havoc
on Your Body Habitus

We’ve all heard of diet pills in all shapes and forms and formulas, from liquid to powder, from pill to tab—so what the heck is the hype about Hyperlean FX7? Well hold onto your haughty hats know-it-alls of nutrition—this one breaks the mold of your run of the mill fat melter.

Hyperlean FX7, sold through www.superhealthcenter.com , boasts a supercharged supplement seemingly similar to the substance once only available by prescription. Its called L-thyrozine complex. What’s that mean to you and how does it translate to hyperlean you ask? L-thyrozine is based upon the same principle as the prescribed thryoxine- a heavy duty hypothyroidism drug derived from the thyroid gland to stimulate the metabolism of those who suffer with overweight issues from an inactive thyroid gland. Thyroxine increases the rate of cell metabolism, regulates growth and also has the unprecedented impact of stimulating catecholamine release within the body; now hold on those who bulk all but their brain; I’ll explain it to you.

Catecholamines are hormones secreted by neurons in the brain. Specifically, the most abundant and most familiar are dopamine, which elicits intense focus and euphoric feelings and are associated with chocolate and orgasms, norepinephrine and epinephrine, which not only intensifies mental clarity and alertness, but are the primary factors responsible for fat oxidation AKA lipolysis—destruction of fat cells. Catecholamines produce the most pronounced burning and removal of fat cells within the body through their secretion of lipase. Lipase is an enzyme secreted by catecholamines as their secret weapon against weight. We all have this ability within our brain, but what happens is when we get older and fatter, the fat cells block the activity of catecholamines by blocking the neurons that secrete them and effectively block the lipase that targets lipids (aka fat)—the fat cells are ensuring their survival against their biggest threat.

What the makers of Hyperlean FX7 have done is found a loop hole to circumvent fat’s defense by introducing l-thyrozine into the body, which increases the sensitivity of neurons and triggers them to release catecholamines. Catecholamines flood the system and impact the unsuspecting fat cells to force fat destruction. Genius. And while other supplements can stimulate burning of fat for energy; catecholamines use your natural pathways to burn fat the way the body would if it weren’t being blocked by the fat cells.

This supplement is proven, part of it is used for the obese to treat weak metabolism, and weight. Its definitely worth looking into if you want lose the belly baggage for good. Go to www.superhealthcenter.com to get more info on this miraculous metabolic master.