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What is Micronizing?

Often we see the word “micronized” next to creatine, glutamine and now it’s beginning to be associated with protein. So what exactly does it mean to micronize these supplements, and is it an effective process to have done?

With micronizing, the molecule of said supplement is made much smaller, and in some cases, up to 20 times smaller than its original molecule size. The benefit of this micronization process is twofold. First, when mixing a micronized creatine, glutamine or protein supplement, the smaller molecule size is much more easily dissolved in the liquid it’s in. That means a smoother protein shake and/or no clumps of goo in your juice.

The second benefit of micronizing is that the molecules of each particular supplement are much more easily absorbed by the body. The smaller particles pass through the digestive system with greater ease, and are able to do their job more efficiently. With the onset of micronized protein, more amino acids will be able to reach your muscles, and that will lead to bigger muscle growth and faster recovery times.

In addition, since uptake and absorption is improved, oftentimes smaller amounts of the same nutrient are needed to illicit the traditional effect. In instances where the typical dosage range of a supplement is 5 grams, the micronized version may only require 3 grams or maybe even as little as 2 grams. That means more bang for your buck.

Micronization is a process that is quickly becoming more and more popular in the supplement industry. With creatine and glutamine already being micronized and proteins on the way, we will more than likely see this trend continue throughout the rest of the supplement world.