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Wellements Detox Products

Wellements formerly known as M.D. Labs has been promoting detoxification products since 1984. Wellements products are designed for cleansing the body from daily environmental toxins and pollutants from our air, food and water. Their quality products have been the focal point of their company’s dedication to helping those live healthier lives.

There nutrition experts and scientists are some of today’s most innovative today. Wellements state of the art laboratory has brought fourth some of the most dramatic nutrition products to date. They have set nutritional standards for today’s detox herbal supplements.

Wellements follows all regulatory guidelines set by the National Nutritional Foods Association and The FDA, in every product that they manufacture. What is even more impressive than that is Wellements has set their own internal regulations even higher and exceed those specifications daily.

SuperHealthCenter.com is proud to offer these high quality products to our valued customers. We feel that Wellements has some of the most superior detox products available today.

Go ahead and treat yourself we are sure that you will not be disappointed, remember that good health starts on the inside.

Daily Detox II 60ct
Cleanse your body
Regular price: $9.95
Super Health Center price: $6.99, 2/$12.99
Daily Detox Tea 30 pack
Detoxifying formula
Regular price: $9.95
Super Health Center price: $6.99, 2/$12.99
Daily Detox 60ct
Body cleanser
Regular price: $9.95
Super Health Center price: $6.99, 2/$12.99