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Weight Loss Illusion in a Bottle (And a Bed)
Supplement and Health Store Giant Gets Even Better with Indoor Tanning Products

So you’ve seen them, fantastically tinted folk, flaunting long lean legs that look like they just landed from their weeklong respite in Rio Dejaneiro. There’s something about a tan that attracts the eye, and that’s not all a bronzer can do for your bod.

Darkening the tint of anything increases the contrast perceived by the eye; increased contrast will increase detail making you appear leaner than your pasty counterpart. The darker the skin, the smaller it appears also—which is the concept behind wearing black to slim. Body builders are notorious for applying copious amounts of self tanning prior to a show to improve the appearance of their chiseled physiques; and you can get some of that enhancement yourself to highlight your New Year’s resolution success and indulge in the darker side of a smaller size.

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