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Vitamin B17— Cancer Prevention or Rat Poison?

There have been a slew of claims over the years delivered to us in various forms of media on the effects of foods on cancer. One minute it’s, eat your bright fruits and veggies for antioxidants, then the FDA spoils the festive fruits like the recent pressure on pomegranates, and then they degrade the vibrant veggies for lack of substantiated claims (or lack of profit for them). But curiously enough, media has been remiss on covering a very unusual “vitamin”, coined by Dr Krebs in the 1950’s that he called B17 (laetrile). This particular vitamin is derived from the natural source of the pits of some fruits, most concentrated in apricot kernels and bitter almonds, and lesser amounts in other foods that have sprung from the loins of the earth herself.

Dr Krebs research showed that in various cultures and some tribes within with apricot kernels and/or bitter almonds are a staple food or commonly consumed food, they have zero cases of cancer to have ever affected their population. He set out to find a common element in these nature-made foods and apply it in a clinical approach as an anticancer treatment. Though his reports showed success in prevention, advising usage as a protection technique against acquiring cancer, it was determined that this particular extract found in a number of commonly purchased market foods contained naturally occurring cyanide. This caused the FDA to cover up any suggestion of cancer intervention and write Dr Krebs off as a quack with a potentially fatal prescription. Dr Krebs’ pharmaceutical name of this substance was Laetrile, and though it naturally derived from the kernels inside the pits of organically grown apricots, and it was outlawed effectively by the FDA. Somehow, outlawing a drug that is essentially a fruit seed is kinda tough to comprehend, much less successfully execute, though through even more mysteriously motivated diligence, another rich source of b-17, growing bitter almond trees have also been prohibited as of 1995 in the states. Strange to go to such extreme measures…perhaps the angle is that if people prevented cancer effectively, we would become overpopulated, and the life expectancy increase sure would take a toll on the shallow pockets of social security.

Since apricots, and the various others foods such as apple seeds, alfalfa sprouts, blackberries, brown rice, cashews, cherry kernels, cranberries, flax seeds, pecans, raspberries, strawberries, walnuts, watercress, yams, and celery, are widely available and the amount you eat is not (yet) governed, I don’t see the harm in picking them up and trying them out. It certainly wasn’t discovered that it creates cancer, nor expedites the destructive path cancer takes, and the very cyanide the FDA balks about is widely used as a blood thinner AS WELL AS a rat poison…hmmm..selective in which poison is protected? Furthermore, when you sniff around reported number of deaths that occur each year as the result of FDA approved pharmaceuticals, and the abuse of approved pharmaceuticals, it seems that there is a pattern here that smells as funky as fermenting fruit; an even better reason to take your own choices to eat or not to eat, out of the FDA’s hands, and into your own.

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