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Vira Dx by Plantiva

Vira Dx 60ct Plantiva
Vira Dx 60ct Plantiva
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Vira Dx by Plantiva helps your immune system do its job of re-establishing normal energy and balance. Vira Dx delivers all natural, strong relief and comfort to your tired and rundown body, due to fatigue, overexposure, seasonal challenges or weather. Now available here at SuperHealthCenter.com.

Ingredient Information:

Andrographis A very cold herb used to help detoxify the respiratory system.

Isatis A cold and detoxifying herb. Improves respiratory and immune health.

Belamcanda A cold herb specific to maintaining healthy tissue in the throat.

Forsythia A cold herb to help detoxify and maintain respiratory immune balance.

Bupleurum Protects the liver.

Coptis Strong detoxifier to relieve liver, gall bladder, and immune stresses.

Pueraria Relaxes muscles and stiffness in the upper back, neck, and discomfort in the head.

Platycodon Opens the lungs, promotes clear breathing, helps maintain optimal respiratory function.

Olive leaf Improves respiratory health when affected by immune challenges.