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Ursobolic by E-Pharm

Ursobolic 120ct E-Pharm
Ursobolic 120ct E-Pharm
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Ursobolic by E-Pharm Is a natural muscle building compound containing the active ingredient Ursobolic acid, a chemical compound found in many plants. Ursobolic acid is in a class of compounds called pentacyclic triterpene acids. Studies conducted at The University of Iowa have shown Ursobolic acid to block muscle wasting caused by starvation and denervation (severing of the nerves to a muscle). It was also proven to accelerate muscle growth by up to 15% in laboratory mice. It was surprisingly discovered that Ursobolic acid also resulted in fat loss as muscle was growing!

This very powerful ingredient has the potential to give you the physique you are looking for without a change in your diet.

Muscle Builder
Fat Burner
Estrogen Control
Safe and Natural

Ursobolic by E-Pharm is now available here at SuperHealthCenter.com.

Ursobolic is fat soluble so for maximum absorption it should be taken with meals that contain a little bit of fat. The product is non-hormonal and safe, so it does not have to be cycled.