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Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein

Beverly International has always been known for their high quality protein powders, and Ultimate Muscle Protein, or UMP, as their faithful have nicknamed it, is definitely no exception. With its’ 80/20 ration of slow-digesting caseins and milk protein to fast-digesting whey proteins, UMP is a very versatile protein source.

For post-workout, Ultimate Muscle Protein makes an excellent choice because of the rapid digestion of the whey protein. After a grueling workout, muscles are starving for adequate nutrition, especially amino acids to help repair the damage caused by resistance training. Both the whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate contained in Ultimate Muscle Protein help to quickly feed starving muscles with quality amino acids for maximum recovery.

UMP also makes for an excellent daily meal replacement shake. Due to the predominant amount of slow-digesting protein from milk protein isolate and caseins, Ultimate Muscle Protein makes for a thick, filling shake that mimics the properties of a whole food meal. The steady supply of amino acids feeds your muscles over a prolonged period of time, making UMP ideal nutrition before bed to keep you building muscle around the clock.

On top of the excellent protein sources that are contained in UMP, it is also infused with the “critical cluster” of amino acids. These amino acids are the ones most predominantly used in muscle building supplements and include arginine, glutamine and the three BCAAs; leucine, isoleucine and valine. With the powerful combination of quality proteins and critical cluster amino acids, Ultimate Muscle Protein is the ideal muscle building protein.

As if all this muscle building power wasn’t enough, Ultimate Muscle Protein by Beverly International has a taste that can’t be beat. Imagine a protein shake so rich and creamy that it’s almost like a real milkshake. This benefit can be very helpful when following a rigorous nutrition plan and cheating is out of the question. UMP can satisfy a craving while still staying strict to a diet plan.

When it comes to building muscle, quality ingredients in a protein powder are an absolute must. When a protein tastes great, that makes it much more valuable. With Beverly International’s Ultimate Muscle Protein, the best of both worlds come together in one awesome protein formula.