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Mass Fuel Muscle Builder

Mass Fuel 3.77 lb TwinLab
Mass Fuel 3.77 lb TwinLab
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Mass Fuel by Twinlab is the most scientifically formulated product ever developed for bodybuilders and other athletes looking to maximize lean muscle mass without the use of anabolic steroids. Mass Fuel is rich in complex carbohydrates. No simple sugars such as sucrose or fructose are added. The complex carbohydrate in this formula stimulates the anabolic and anti-catabolic hormone insulin. Insulin enhances muscle growth by increasing the rate amino acids enter muscle cells. Carbohydrates also increase the rate of muscle glycogen synthesis which is important for recovery. Mass Fuel is also enriched with branched chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine), L-glutamine, alpha-ketoglutarates, L-carnitine, and creatine monohydrate. Mass Fuel contains high potencies of vitamins and minerals including 2000 mg (2.0 g) of potassium and 300 mcg of chromium from patented Chromium Fuel chromium picolinate.

Nutrition Facts:

Please note: Nutritional content may vary between Mass Fuel flavors.

Serving Size: 4 Scoops (168.6g)

Servings Per Container: - 10

% Daily Value* Calories - 600 Calories from Fat - 5 Total Fat - 0.5g <1% Cholesterol - 10mg 3% Total Carbohydrates - 97g 32% Dietary Fiber - 1g 4% Sugars - 8g Protein - 51g 102% Vitamin A - 5000IU 100% Vitamin C - 60mg 100% Vitamin D - 200IU 50% Vitamin E - 30IU 100% Thiamin - 5mg 333% Riboflavin - 5mg 294% Niacin - 50mg 250% Vitamin B6 - 5mg 250% Folic Acid - 400mcg 100% Vitamin B12 - 18mcg 300% Biotin - 300mcg 100% Pantothenic Acid - 100mg 1000% Calcium - 1140mg 114% Iron - 5mg 28% Phophorous - 812mg 81% Iodine - 75mcg 50% Magnesium - 250mg 63% Zinc - 30mg 200% Selenium - 200mcg 286% Copper - 1mg 50% Manganese - 10mg 500% Chromium*** - 300mcg 250% Molybdenum - 150mcg 200% Sodium - 105mg 4% Potassium - 2160mg 62% PABA - 5mg Choline Bitartrate - 250mg Inositol - 250mg Boron - 3mg Branched Chain - 5mg Amino Acids Blend L-Leucine L-Isoleucine L-Valine L-Carnitine - 5mg L-Arginine - 1.16mg L-Glutamine - 0.580mg Alpha Ketoleucine Calcium - 0.580mg Creatine Monohydrate - 0.580mg

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Calcium Caseinate, Potassium Citrate, Dried Egg Whites, Vanilla Flavors, Silica,Potassium Phosphate Monobasic, Calcium Carbonate, Choline Bitartrate, Aspartame****, Magnesium Oxide, Inositol, Zinc Picolinate,D-Calcium Pantothenate, Manganese Gluconate, Sodium Ascorbate, Boron Citrate/Glycinate/Aspartate, Niacinamide, Selenomethionine, Biotin, D-Alpha-Tocopheryl Succinate, Mannitol, Kelp, Beta Carotene, Ferrous Fumarate, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Aspartate, Magnesium Alpha Ketoglutarate, Copper Gluconate, Vitamin B6, Bitamin B2, PABA, Thiamin Mononitrate, L-Carnitine, Branched Chain Amino Acids Blend, Krebs Cycle Mineral Complexes (Calcium Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Molybdenum, Chromium, Iodine, Zinc, Vanadium, Manganese, Copper, all as Citrate, Fumarate, Malate, Aspartate, Succinate, Alpha-Ketoglutarate), Folic Acid, Potassium Aspartate, Vitamin D3, Chromium Picolinate ***, Potassium Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Arginine Keto-Glutarate, L-Arginine, Alpha-Ketoleucine Calcium Salt (KIC), L-Glutamine, Ammonium Dimolydbate, Vitamin b12.

*** Chromium From CHROMIC FUEL CHROMIUM PICOLINATE is a patent protected product. It is Patented by the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Licensed under U.S. Patent 4,315,927.

****PHENYLEKOTNURICS: CONTAINS PHENYLALANINE. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Daily Value not established.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, 30 to 60 minutes after high intensity weight-training workouts for maximum growth and recovery, simply add 1 serving (4 heaping scoops) to 3 cups (24 fluid ounces) of fat-free milk. Mix for 10 seconds in a blender with crushed ice. Serve immediately. If you want to avoid milk, you can add four heaping scoops to 2 cups (16 fluid ounces) of water. Mix for 10 seconds in a blender with crushed ice. Serve immediately. It is well tolerated and approved for lactose intolerant individuals.
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