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Trifecta Kit by LG Sciences

Trifecta Kit by LG Sciences
Trifecta Kit by LG Sciences
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LG Sciences TriFecta Stack is the strong combination of the Pro Hormones EpiAndro, M1D Andro and Form-XT in a kit specifically developed for you to gain extreme size and dramatic strength. No other combination will give you the extereme results TriFecta Kit offers in this all-in-one stack.

EpiAndro The fact is DHT regulates such functions as quality of erections, mental alertness and maintaining the ratio of estrogen to androgen. It is true that hair loss is possible with Epiandrosterone, however, there are a lot of men that want to offset estrogen and this is where EpiAndro Liquid comes in!. New research indicates that estrogen may be just as much a factor in men’s hair loss as DHT.

M1D Andro This is our best legal pro hormone! Better than ever, it’s been updated for 2013 - introducing M1D ANDRO PLATINUM SERIES! Dramatically jack up levels of Testosterone PLUS stop Estrogen cold – this means MORE MUSCLE!

Form-XT After a prohormone cycle, the perfect choice for your PCT is FORM-XT! A very powerful steroidal aromatase inhibitor in a liquid format, FORM-XT will help you keep your gains!

LIQUID DELIVERY SYSTEM LG Sciences has created a potent liquid delivery system that was designed to promote more effective results – the compounds in this advanced delivery system will maximize every tablet in the TRIFECTA ANDRO KIT! Fast dissolving tablets for fast results!

This amazing liquid delivery matrix provides instant absorption in your mouth as well as extended absorption in your digestive tract. This means enhanced bioavailability! How do you take it? The best way to take this Liquid Delivery matrix is to hold the liquid under your tongue for about one minute, then swish it around and swallow. You can take your dosages whenever you like but for best results, you should space them out as much as you can, keeping them several hours apart.

Why Do I Want to Use Prohormones?

LG Sciences has what may well be a unique viewpoint on prohormones: we feel they are essential for men over 21 – if you want to look and feel great. Our prohormones are not liver toxic and do not have the negative effects of “grey market” products.

Research has now verified that your body is negatively impacted on a daily basis by environmental estrogens. In this day and age most men unknowingly have more estrogen-like agents in their bodies than ever. These undesirable chemical agents can have potent estrogen-like properties. One of the most common is BPA; it’s in most anything that is packed in hard clear plastic. “Elevated levels of urinary BPA are associated with measures of obesity independent of traditional risk factors. This association is consistently present across gender and race-ethnic groups.” Of course, BPA is not the only one.

To make matters worse, today men also have to deal with chemicals that can negatively affect the endocrine system – these chemicals can derail the efforts of your body to make testosterone, and, as we all know, proper testosterone levels are crucial for any man.

Facts About LG Sciences Prohormones:

1) Our legal prohormones are not liver toxic.
2) We base our claims on the fact that resistance training and correct nutrition are essential.
3) While rare, there is a chance of side effects – see the warnings on the bottle.
4) You must be 21 or older to use Prohormones.

Allergen Warning Made in a facility that may process: dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish, barley and shellfish.

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