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Trac Extreme-NO by MHP

Trac Extreme-NO 775g MHP
Trac Extreme-NO 775g MHP
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Trac Extreme-NO by MHP is the first nitric oxide supplement in the world to simultaneously master the Nitric Oxide pathway, biochemical energy cycle and mechanical power output system with its exclusive, patent pending NitroFolin-ATP™.

We’ve clearly proven how TRAC Extreme-NO has set a new precedent in Nitric Oxide supplementation—it maximizes NO production and employs a host of powerful nutrients that combats all Nitric Oxide inhibitors and agonists, shutting them down dead in their tracks, allowing for uninhibited Nitric Oxide production within your muscle tissue. NitroFolin-ATP™ even increases the lifespan of the all-powerful Nitric Oxide compound with groundbreaking PDE-5 Antigen Technology for maximum Nitric Oxide saturation.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size (scoop) 1
Servings Per 25
Calories 70
Vitamin C (mg) 385
Riboflavin (mg) 10
Thiamin (mg) 10
Niacin (mg) 25
Vitamin B6 (mg) 10
Metafolin (mcg) 400
Vitamin B12 (mcg) 500
Biotin (mcg) 25
Panthothetic Acid mg 25
Calcium (mg) 155
Zinc (mg) 5
Copper (mg) 1
Manganese (mg) 2
Chromium (mcg) 50
Potassium (mg) 200
Bioperine (mg) 3

Ingredient Details:

NitroFolin-ATP with Metafolin 16,000mg: Nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase (nos) stimulators: L-Arginine, citrulline malate.

ATP power and energy substrates: Creatine monohydrate, choline, dihydrogen citrate, vanadyl amino acid chelate, tyrosine, guarana seed extract, aspartic acid, green tea leaf extract, pantothenic acid, niacin, banaba leaf extract, pyridox hci, riboflavin, thiamine, cyanocobalamin, chromium polynicotinate, NADH, biotin....

Suggested Use:

To experience the ultimate workout and mind blowing pump, mix one scoop in 12-14 oz of water approximately 30-45 minutes before workouts. For maximum results, TRAC Extreme-NO should also be taken on non-workout days, preferably in the morning or early afternoon to further support extreme growth and recovery.

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Nitric Oxide Supplements are extremely beneficial to muscle growth and recovery. They are generally used as a pre-workout supplement and work by dilating your blood vessels. This is important to bodybuilders and athletes because it will transport important nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. Nitric Oxide Supplements will help increase muscle size, strength, performance and stamina. You will notice amazing muscle pumps as well. Males may also notice an improvement with their performance in the bedroom.
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