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Topricin Topical Pain Relief Cream

Topricin 2oz Topical Pain Relief Cream
Topricin 2oz Topical Pain Relief Cream
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Topical Pain Relief Cream by Topricin is a highly effective, odorless greaseless, anti-inflammatory pain relief cream that offers relief from many common types of pain. A natural alternative to narcotice pain relievers and OTC medicines, it is used externally and locally on carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, repetitive motion injuries, strains, sports injuries and lower back pain.

Topricin is manufactured according to federally mandated Good Manufacturing Practices by a licensed FDA-approved facility in California that produces pharmaceutical-grade natural over-the-counter medicines. Its classified as a homeopathic medicine with the Food and Drug Administration guidelines, in complete compliance with current FDA regulations. Topricin has no known negative side effects according to all applicable FDA standards, is safe to use and wont interfere with any medicines you may be taking.

Safe for children, elderly and pregnant women, Topricin is an effective natural remedy to relieve pain! Available today, here at SuperHealthCenter.com.


Topricin's patented combination of natural medicines is formulated to provide an array of benefits. Each ingredient passes through rigorous quality control procedure to ensure strength and purity. These superior ingredients effect their action while concurrently conditioning and moisturizing your skin.

Topricin does not contain petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin, menthol, capsaicin, fragrances, or irritating chemicals. The cream is odorless, non-greasy, and will not stain your clothing. Topricin's hypoallergenic base is formulated for maximum absorption of its eleven medicines.

Arnica Montana For injuries and bruising to the muscles and joints. Arnica is considered especially useful for arthritis, joint injuries, and bruising (6X)

Rhus Tox For sprains, arthritic pain, and backaches (6X)

Ruta Graveolens For relief from injuries to the bone or bone covering; often used to relieve trauma to the knee, shin, elbow and cheekbone (6X)

Lachesis Muta For relief from sciatica, arthritis, lower back pain and carpal tunnel (8X)

Belladonna Relief of pain, spasm & inflammation to muscle tissue (6X)

Echinacea Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial (6X)

Crotalus For improving localized circulation, and considered effective for bruises and contusions, and for accelerating repair to damaged nerves, joints, and muscles (8X)

Aesculus For chronic pain, especially in the legs & varicose veins. (6X)

Heloderma For relief from burning sensation in the hands or feet. (8X)

Naja Relieves inflammation and pain in nerve tissue in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel and neuropathy (8X)

Graphites For relieving symptoms of skin conditions (6X)

Suggested Use:

Topricin does not work like other topical medications you might have used, so it is important to follow the directions. You should not expect a burning, hot, or icy sensation upon application. Instead, the application will seem soothing and moisturizing, and in about 20 minutes you should notice the medicine's subtle but powerful pain relief effects.

In our experience, Topricin produces noticeable improvements and/or healing of various conditions when used on an ongoing basis, and applied according to these instructions. While you will note a rapid reduction in pain at the outset of application, Topricin provides other important benefits if you continue to consistently use the cream.

Some of Topricin's medicines are formulated for ongoing use, requiring months or years of cumulative application to effect true healing and help maintain good health. For longer-term conditions such as Arthritis, we recommend using Topricin for a period of three months and applying the cream four times a day. After the initial period, we suggest continuing with a maintenance dose application two times a day, in the morning and at night before bed.