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Tips to Fight the Holiday Weight Gain

Itís the time of year when carbohydrates are in abundance and exercise takes a back seat. Inevitably, weight gain becomes a major concern for men and women alike, and that leads many of the New Yearís Resolutions to come. To combat putting on excessive pounds this holiday season, here are a few simple tips you can do to help keep winter weight gain at a minimum.

First, and most obvious, is self-control. You have to know when to say when with food as much as you do with alcohol. Thereís no need to eat yourself into a carb-coma just because the food is on the table. When you begin to feel full, stop eating. It really is that simple.

Another way to combat weight gain is to (slightly) increase your workout efforts. Little things like burning an extra 15% calories on the treadmill or incorporating one more exercise into your routine can add up to big calorie expenditures. Better yet, if you always do just cardio, start lifting weights. If you always focus on weights, add in some cardio.

My last tip for keeping your weight under control for the holidays would be to eat less on days before and after your planned feasts. For example, Christmas is on a Sunday this year and many of you will be enjoying a huge spread on that day. To keep calories under control, starting on Friday, cut out most of your normal carbohydrate intake for that day and Christmas Eve. Enjoy yourself on Christmas (Sunday) and on Monday and Tuesday decrease your normal carbohydrate intake as well. On Wednesday you can go back to your normal eating routine.

With these small but effective changes to your normal holiday routine, you can see major results when it comes to keeping your waistline under control.