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Thermal Infusion by Sci-Fit

Thermal Infusion 16oz Sci-Fit
Thermal Infusion 16oz Sci-Fit
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Thermal Infusion by Sci-Fit is a “rapid response” liquid thermogenic fat burner. Each serving is only 15ml (about a 1/4 cap full), yet you will feel the rush within minutes with the effect lasting 4 to 6 hours!

THERMAL INFUSION, however, is far more than merely a stimulant; THERMAL INFUSION features the “thermogenesis enhancing” synergistic formula of Evodia, Caffeine (herbal & natural) and White Willow (herbal aspirin). This combination has the ability to increase the body’s core temperature for several hours, subsequently increasing the metabolic rate! Couple this benefit with the additional herbs and amino acids in THERMAL INFUSION, and you have a metabolic enhancing powerhouse which will rapidly increase energy, may improve recovery during a workout and will promote a feeling of well being! To ensure maximum benefit and absorption, SCIFIT encased the formula in a pharmaceutical based, pH controlled sustained release delivery system.