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The Importance of Water

One nutrient that is often overlooked for optimal health is water. While we may know that we need water to survive, the functions of water in the human body are many, and drinking sufficient amounts of this colorless and odorless liquid may greatly enhance your physical fitness program.

The percentage of water in the human body is roughly 60%, but that number varies based on age, weight and gender. Regardless, more than half of the body is made up of water so it should be easy to see how important this nutrient should be for optimal health.

If youve ever been dehydrated, you know how rough physical and mental exertion can become. When there is a serious lack of water present in the body, motor skills are slowed, mental tasks become much more difficult, and physical exertion basically comes to a standstill. And these side effects can happen to anyone. Just imagine being a performance athlete with your body succumbing to the effects of dehydration. Your effectiveness would be nil.

Adequate water intake is also necessary to promote proper weight loss. A properly hydrated body has an optimally running metabolism, and that means calories are being burned off efficiently and effectively to better help you manage your weight.

Water also helps flush toxins from the body. Everything that is consumed by a person has to be processed in some way, shape or form. With the rise of processed and fast foods, airborne toxins and other unhealthy habits, toxic buildup can happen very rapidly. Consuming adequate water keeps these toxins from building up in the body through a constant flushing of the system.

We see and drink water every single day, but all too often we fail to realize its importance. With proper water intake, you will look and feel better, you will be healthier, and your desired fitness goals will be easier to accomplish.