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Your New Year’s Resolution Might be Missing an Important Step;
Aging and its Impact on Weight Loss

Before you announce your notorious New Year’s resolution that has been more consistent on an annual basis than your weight, really think about the cause of your fat loss failure. Have you removed all of the obstacles you face when you renew your paltry resolve; the dust from last year’s abandonment still clinging to its surface? Willpower, true resolve, desire, effort? And? If the sting of defeat year after year makes you grit your teeth with frustration, perhaps you are not considering ALL things that hinder your health; hormones.

As we age, we lose the very hormones that foster the characteristics with which we associate youth; muscle mass, hair, skin, lower body fat, energy, and sex drive. Men experience a decline in testosterone much earlier than women; their bulk and virility starting to wane beginning at 30 (when women are at their peak). This is referred to as andropause, and its effects are devastating to the amount of lean muscle mass within the body, and the consequences of muscle loss affect metabolism, fat deposits, and energy/moods. By increasing your body’s stimulation to produce it, you effectively hold off the agonists of aging that accompany andropause. www.SuperHealthCenter.com has a brand new product to give your plan a push in the right direction by stimulating your body to revitalize its production of natural testosterone in the body. Test Drive is an anabolism promoting, testosterone boosting supplement to restore the ease with which you used to burn off those irresistible double cheese burgers. This is accomplished through Test Drive’s composition of Tribulus Terrestris. Which contains androgenic saponins that stimulate the release of Luteinizing hormone within the body; this hormone stimulates the testes to produce and release testosterone which increases free testosterone, and its availability for use by the body. Test Drive at www.SuperHealthCenter.com also increases DHEA, and estrogen to further the promotion of testosterone release. The impact of naturally increased testosterone is coveted by many who desire a greater level of sexual energy, strength, muscle mass, and more effective metabolism. It may be the only thing missing in your reso”lose”tion. So head over to www.SuperHealthCenter.com to check out their selection of testosterone enhancing products and resolve to NOT see your same old resolution next year.