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T-Bomb II by MHP

T-Bomb II by MHP 168ct
T-Bomb II by MHP 168ct
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T-Bomb II by MHP is well known among the bodybuilding world due to its ability in increasing your Testosterone levels to the maximum. Many users are calling this male hormone optimizing formula "the most significant development in Pro-Testosterone Technology since prohormones! "It's the ONLY "prohormone-free" Testosterone formula available that simultaneously optimizes pure Testosterone levels in the blood, increases "Free Testosterone", improves the Testosterone to estrogen ratio and maximizes the anabolic effects of pure Testosterone.

T-Bomb II's Patent-Pending Optimone-5

  • Increases Your Natural Production of Testosterone by 400%
  • Cripples SHBG and Increases "Free Testosterone"
  • Stops Testosterone to Estrogen Conversion
  • Blocks Estrogen Receptors
  • Lowers the Conversion of Testosterone to DHT

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size (tabs) 3
Servings Per 56
Magnesium (mg) 15
Zinc (mg) 25
Copper (mg) 2

Ingredient Details:

Five Phase Hormone Optimizing Blend 903mg:

Tribulus terrestris (standardized to 40% furastanol saponins), Fenugreek 4:1 extract (seed), tongkat ali 20:1 extract (root) (Eurycoma longifolia Jack), red clover extract (40% isoflavones), Chrysin, Kudzu root (Pueraria lobota) (40% isoflavones), DIM (diindolymethane), Avena sativa 10:1 extract (aerial parts), zinc (as zinc aspartate), Pygeum africanum extract (25% total sterol) (bark), stinging nettle leaf 4:1 extract, beta siterol, saw palmetto berry extract...

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets in the evening.

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Testosterone Boosters

There are a lot of advantages for a healthy male to raise his testosterone levels. As we age our testosterone levels decrease naturally, causing a number of physical and emotional effects in men including loss of muscle mass, loss of bone density, low energy levels, increased irritability and depression, and your more susceptible to illness not to mention a lower sex drive.

Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

Increased muscle mass
Increased strength
More energy
Increased libido
Elevation of mood (testosterone has been used to treat depression)

Testosterone is mainly marketed to people wanting to build muscle but, as you can see there are a lot more advantages to safely raising your testosterone levels.

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