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Grab Your Bull by the Horns
and Buck up Your Test
Tauro Style

It’s that time of year when the little guys wanna take a stab at getting big, and big guys wanna get bigger, and the gym reeks of boasts, bets, and defeat. You have the drive, you have the dedication, but you haven’t gotten anywhere. What’s missing in your mix is a natural boost of your own body’s bulkability. Testosterone.

Testosterone is influenced by the brain when it stimulates it to secrete more. This happens when you resistance train but not as intensely as the guys with the stick marks on their glutes who desperately resort to illegal anabolic agents to retain their “big dog” reputation. That’s a fast way to facilitate gains, and a fast way to get fingered in a steroid sting. But, you don’t have to let the juice do a job your body can do with a little prodding of the primary hormone control center. Tauro-Test does that for you.

Tauro-Test is a natural and safe alternative to anabolic agents that aid your body in mass production of testosterone through natural stimulation all while promoting pure energy and drive through their tailored design. Tauro-Test, available at www.superhealthcenter.com, has multiple scientifically proven components that increase testosterone production by stimulating the parts of brain and body that make it, in fact, it was shown in one study to increase serum testosterone levels by nearly 250%. No needles needed, no adverse side effects that detract from your improved physique, just muscular growth, enhanced strength, and the vascularity associated with being lean.

If you are just a pint sized guy, you might worry about additional side effects you’ve seen under some of the guys shirts—you know, the gynecomastia? They’re breasts for those of you still scratching your heads, and are caused by the response of estrogen production in a man’s body in response to increased testosterone levels. Taking cycles too long, or too much at one time predisposes the bone heads to this particularly embarrassing problem, or problems rather. Tauro-Test via www.superhealthcenter.com effectively counters this infamous effect by suppressing estrogen production through estradiol inhibition (estradiol promotes the presence of estrogen). This gives you one little leg up on the meatheads that make a pincushion outta their bottoms by giving you the yin of manly prowess without the yang of gyno.

If you’re dead set on taking the title of “the guy that’s jacked” at your gym, throw your weight on over to www.superhealthcenter.com and come see what Tauro-Test can do to bring out the bull in you.