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Tattoo 20X Hot Bronzer from Supre

Tattoo Hot Bronzer 10oz Supre
Tattoo Hot Bronzer 10oz Supre
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Tattoo 20X Hot Bronzer from Supre Transform your skin into bronzed artwork with this Dark Tanning Elixir from Supre. This is a 2X Tingle Bronzer formulated to stimulate your skin with an extreme tingle while it continues to darken your skin after exposure to UV exposure. Supre’s Vitamin D delivery system brings dark tan maximizers to your skin with potent sunless bronzers and a superior anti-aging blend of Goji, Pomegranite, and Acai Berries to give you incredible softness and long-lasting color.

• 20X Bronzers produce a radiant dark tan resulting in darkening up to 12 hours after UV exposure that will last up to 8 days, giving you smooth, long-lasting, fade resistant color.

• Advanced skin stimulating technology delivers instant color and heat.

• RenuTan™ blends enhanced tan maximizers with color a boosting blend of Pomegranite, Goji, and Acai Berries which will result in incredible golden color while fighting free radicals from environmental stress to deliver healthy looking skin.

• Revolutionary delivery system fortifies skin with the power of Vitamin D.

• Silk Proteins and lush cosmetic grade silicones leave skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple.

Fragrance: Bewitching Blood Orange

Feel the heat today with Tattoo 20X Hot Bronzer by Supre, available now here at SuperHealthCenter.com.