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Sweetest Day: "let them eat cake"?

Cynics, brace yourselves: For those who, through gritted teeth, curse this day of profit for the card, candy, and stuffed animal makers, and for those who suffer stoically through the onslaught of various guilt-inducing commercials reminding you that Sweetest day is around the candy coated corner; this wildly wielded advertising from which you cannot seem to find cover, also tells you that your own sweetest hears this. It is ever-present in the “does he/she love me, or love me not” portion of their brain, silently testing you….they won’t appreciate your pragmatism this day. You will not walk away unscathed by boasting your boycott of bonbons, cleverly chalking up this date as a hallmark holiday upon which overpriced retail centers capitalize by quietly wait for the suckers, perched on their haunches like a cat hungrily hunting the mouse, poised to pounce upon your pocketbook. Nope. You’ll find no one who agrees less with you, and feel no wrath greater than the one who must hear at work the following Monday how Mr. Right executed the most romantic evening. Surely this day was meant to damn you if you do, and damn you if you don’t. Well, you’ll be surprised to hear that it was actually a form of charity to unfortunate children that founded this day back in 1922, not the marketing scam that lightens the load of your wallet. Sweetest Day got its beginning in Cleveland OH, after a candy factory worker, Herbert Birch Kingston, decided to give free candy to the orphans and unfortunates at his own cost every third Saturday. Some claim the original name was “sweets” day, and later referred to as Sweetest Day. And you’ll also be glad to know that there IS a way around putting your pennies in the pockets of the predatory stores and still satisfy your sweetest this day.

With the increased awareness of health and the associated risks of certain foods, you might be doing your significant other a disservice by falling victim to the mass marketed crates of candy. But, there are edible alternatives to surprise and impress that special someone on this day. Consider the health implications of chocolate; high calorie and low nutrient which increases weight gain and heart disease risk. This is not the "I love you more than the amount of your insurance policy" message you are going to be sending. You're wondering why isn’t it ok to slip up and celebrate with food every now and then to break up the monotony of health conscious eating habits? When posed with that question, the owners at superhealthcenter.com stated, " there's nothing wrong with slacking up every now and then on your diet, but if you celebrate every candy coated date, holiday, coworkers birthday, football game, etc with that lax mindset, you’re going to set yourself back. Not every celebration has to involve a bonbon buffet. Forrest Gump had it right when he said 'life is like a box of chocolates', but he went wrong at the end, because you do know what you're gonna get, fat making fluff." Understandably, we could find ourselves using any old day that ends in "day" as a reason to slip up on dieting. Another repercussion, according to superhealthcenter.com, by introducing sweets, is "you also threaten to spoil any low/no sugar diet you may be on with the introduction of sweets, even artificially sweetened, as it triggers the area of the brain responsible for delivering cravings that you had most likely minimized", this makes life hard for the dieter—and you don’t want to give a hard life to your loved one, right? Don’t kick up the dust for those who have difficulty dieting, get creative in your approach, and get points for originality. There's a ton of nutritious food and products offered at superhealthcenter.com that can be tied into holiday festivities, or so called hallmark holidays, that can save your health, create memorable moments, and save you cash by not contributing to the cause of the chocolate turtle toters.

So, don’t let them eat cake, instead, go for a pasta dish, rich in garlic which has cholesterol reducing properties. Pair this with a red wine which also boasts heart and vascular health benefits. Finish your health angled approach off nicely with a healthy cinnamon dessert, known for its metabolic boosting ability, and it doesn’t hurt that cinnamon is a notorious aphrodisiac…(hmm, you may get something in return for your Casanova-like consideration.) Superhealthcenter.com also recommends a daily dose of chromium to offset sugar cravings on days centered on sweets. Or, you could just pick up the products such as chromium, garlic pills, red wine pills (revatrol), and cinnamon at superhealthcenter.com, wrap it in a pretty package, and sign it "to (her name here)'s heart". How’s that for caring and smooth?

So there are many alternatives to the candy pushing holidays that benefit both parties. For more health based food information and ideas for wooing your sweetest day date, visit superhealthcenter.com, who offers a wide variety of supplements, as well as an arsenal of knowledge to direct you in your quest to maintain the health of the heart you worked so hard to win. Good luck you to this Sweetest Day.

Sweetest Day: "let them eat cake"?