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Sweet & Sexy Legs by Supre

Sweet & Sexy Legs 10oz Supre
Sweet & Sexy Legs 10oz Supre
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Sweet & Sexy Legs by Supre is formulated with TantalizeTM Dark Tanning Complex and extra dark Bronzers and Skin Firming Extracts to give your skin beautiful golden color and a more toned and tightened look just where you need it! Made just for those hard to tan areas, this ultra dark formula utilizes an engaging hydrating blend of floral extracts will give your skin an extremely soft, smooth feel, making you unbelievably touchable.

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Extra Dark BabyDoll Bronzers allow your skin to dramatically darken up to 12 hours after UV exposure and lasts up to an incredible 8 days.

TantalizeTM Dark Tanning Complex promotes melanin synthesis for a deeper, darker looking tan in a shorter period of time.

Shave minimizers help inhibit hair growth to give you smoother, softer legs.

A Skin Firming blend of Caffeine, Sugar Cane and Coffee extracts give your skin a more toned and younger look.

Sweet Rose, Gardenia and Passion Flower extracts condition and hydrate skin to make you feel velvety soft and smooth.