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Before you start loading up your limitations on supplemental nutrition, let me give them to you first, as well as the excuse squashing properties that make Physical Sciences Supermilk a possibility in solving your protein woes.

Physical Sciences Supermilk is a comprehensive protein blend of milk protein and whey protein blended to provide optimal protein delivery and utilization, as well as extend this availability over several hours. The whey protein isolate in Physical Sciences Supermilk is filtered to a pure form nearly free of lactose and fat. By separating the protein from naturally occurring, but undesirable components, it readies the protein for immediate uptake by your body, minimizing digestive difficulties for lactose intolerant. The complete milk protein contains the naturally occurring casein that holds some protein in a gel form in your stomach and regulates the digestion and delivery over hours so that your muscles have fuel to build and wont turn to breaking down the protein in your muscles for fuel. This ant catabolic blend is beneficial to anyone who may go several hours without eating because of a busy work schedule, or other demands that detract from your time. It is formulated with a subtle milk flavor in a powder form that can be added to just about anything, including baking recipes, cereal, or just water to sip your Supermilk with cookies. This flexibility in application makes it easy for even the not so health conscious to incorporate an immune system boosting, antioxidant rich, lean muscle making supplement to their diet without the need for shakers, oversized jugs, or a strong stomach for the bitter flavor of protein.

So, you donít need protein, because you donít work out. Everyone needs protein, it is the foundation upon which all of our tissues are based and is important in muscle mobility and health of connective tissues. We all lose muscle naturally as we age, which contributes to a lower metabolism and higher weight, so the key is to fight that loss before itís too late. You may not be a gym junkie, but you donít have to be buff to benefit from Supermilk.

You donít like the taste of protein and it upsets your stomach. Supermilk is created to emulate the taste of milk. The same fat ridden, cholesterol laden, calorie crammed gallon in your fridge. It can even be used in any recipe that calls for milk and because most of the lactose and fat are removed, it is healthier and rarely causes the digestive upset that other proteins do. Protein will make me fat. No, your ignorance to the benefits of increasing or maintaining lean muscle, and making excuses will make you fat. Physical Sciences Supermilk is lower in fat and calories than the milk you use in your coffee, or that you use to scramble your eggs, and contains natural minerals and antioxidants that makes your super pasteurized milk a super poor choice over Supermilk by Physical Sciences.

So there are your top excuses, effectively deflected by this superior supplement that will do wonders for your health. So instead of drumming up justifications or conjuring up complaints, stop whining and stuff some Supermilk in itóthe results may surprise you.

Super Milk Complete Milk Protein from Physical Sciences