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SuperDex Extreme Post Prohormone Therapy

SuperDex Extreme 60ct Black China Labs
SuperDex Extreme 60ct Black China Labs
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SuperDex Xtreme by Black China Labs is an effective PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) that has been uniquely formulated to regulate hormonal levels after doing a cycle of your favorite Pro Hormones. The main reason individuals choose to use SuperDex Xtreme PCT is Pro Hormones can and will cause an imbalance in your body's natural production of testosterone. After you cycle of Pro Hormones is complete, you are still left with an imbalance in your Natural Testosterone production due to your body not receiving its daily dose of the Pro Hormone.

The time following your cycle is the most crucial as having a lack of production of testosterone in your body is why most lose their muscle gains following a cycle of Pro Hormones. SuperDex Xtreme PCT was brought to life containing 3 dietary supplements when put together work synergistically to help start up your natural testosterone production again and helps bring your levels back to normal, which in turn helps you to maintain the muscle and vascularity that you worked so hard to gain.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size1Capsule
Servings Per Container60

Proprietary Blend: 100mg :: 6,17 Keto Etiocholene-Tetrahydro Pyranol, 3,17 Keto-Etiochol-Triene, And Diosmin

Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate

Suggested Use: Follow directions on bottle following your prohormone cycle.