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Super Co-Q-10

Super Co-Q-10 60ct TwinLab
Super Co-Q-10 60ct TwinLab
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Each bottle of Twinlab Super Co-Q-10 contains 60 capsules.

Twinlab Super CoQ10 caps are exclusively imported from Japan.

Ingredient Details: One hard gelatin Twinlab Super Co-Q-10 capsule supplies 50 mg of pure, 100% natural coenzyme Q10 specially prepared for greater absorption and bioavailability.
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What is Coenzyme Q10?

Usually referred to as CoQ10, a natural chemical compound that we make in our bodies and consume in our diets, primarily from oily fish, organ meats such as liver, and whole grains. It resides in the energy-producing part of cells and is involved with producing a key molecule known as adenosine-5-triphosphate (or ATP). ATP is a cell's major energy source and it contributes to several important biological processes, such as the production of protein, and muscle contraction.

CoQ10s benefits

CoQ10 can vastly improve human health in many various ways. It can fight fatigue as well as obesity, and weak immune systems. It helps boost performance and fights toxin overloads. Some studies show it may also increase sprem motility, enhancing fertility. Several studies with small numbers of people suggest that CoQ10 may lower blood pressure after a few weeks, and it might help to prevent some of the heart damage caused by chemotherapy.

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