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Sunkist Protein Shots

Sunkist 42gram Protein Shots 12ct
Sunkist 42gram Protein Shots 12ct
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Sunkist Protein Shots 42grams If you’re looking for a break from powdered protein drinks but still want to get your protein, here’s the answer. These shots by Sunkist deliver 42 grams of high quality protein per shot in a delicious liquid form. These convenient vials of liquid protein are fat free, carbohydrate free and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Adding these to your daily diet is an ideal way to get the nutrition you need.

Sunkist Protein shots are made with the unique Actinase Protein formula, which is a very high quality formula of protein used by universities and hospitals because of its superiority. Actinase enzymatically hydrolyzes the protein molecules to form smaller protein peptides, making it much easier to digest. Actinase delivers a more balanced amino acid profile because it incorporates a very precise combination of protein blends. The combination of amino acids in Actinase is so precisely aligned with the human body’s nutritional axis that the absorption and assimilation rates exceed that of today's traditional powdered proteins.

Get high quality protein with these very convenient shots from Sunkist, available now, here at SuperHealthCenter.com.

Suggested Use: Take one vial with each meal or snack, up to 3 vials daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. Enjoy at any temperature. Refrigerate after opening.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.