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Stimulants have become a staple in many supplements these days. Stimulants offer an increase in energy, greater mental clarity and focus, and provide a metabolic boost for enhanced weight loss. However, there are guidelines that coincide with the use of these supplements in order to gain the most benefit from them.

Contrary to popular belief, stimulants (such as ephedra and caffeine) are not “fat burners”. There is no supplement or food in the world that actually burns fat. Stimulants do exactly what their name states; they stimulate the Central Nervous System. The result is an increase in calorie burning, but whether or not those extra calories being burned come from body fat is up to the rest of your diet plan.

Stimulants also provide energy, but even that will come to pass. Think about this; millions of Americans drink coffee every morning to get them going. Sooner or later, a cup is not enough. One cup becomes two, then three, then an additional cup in the afternoon and so on down the line. The human body will eventually adapt to this intake, and more and more is needed to illicit the same initial response. Cycling their use will help to counteract the body’s adaptation to the chemical, allowing the benefits to be seen for longer periods of time.

Stimulants must also be used with caution. Those individuals with a history of heart ailments or who have sensitivity to stimulants need to use caution, or avoid them altogether. Rapid heart rates, arrhythmia and increased blood pressure are all possible side effects of using stimulants. I am not dogging the use of stimulants, as I am a fan of them, but they do need to be respected and used properly. Coming off of them for periods of time, as well as using doses that are well tolerated are excellent ways to keep the benefits coming, but the negatives at bay.