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Steroid Alternatives

These days, getting bigger and stronger is the name of the game. While anabolic steroids can produce rapid and dramatic results in muscle mass and strength gains, they also come with a list of warnings such as; health problems, legal problems and fake products. For those individuals who want to gain big muscle without resorting to underground steroids, here are a few alternatives that may produce big results.

Prohormones first gained recognition when Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals was seen with a bottle of androstene in his locker during an interview. Since then, prohormones have been called everything from “legal steroids” to “pro-steroids,” with some even later being classified as real steroids by the US government. Prohormones are very powerful and effective at building muscle mass and strength, and the fact that sooner or later they may get banned means they really do work.

Another alternative to steroids is the popular herbal ingredient, tribulus terrestris, or tribulus for short. Tribulus is an herb that helps the body increase its natural testosterone output, leading to bigger muscle, greater strength and performance, and an increase in sex drive.

The final steroid alternative for this article is the simple combination of the minerals zinc and magnesium, which has come to be known as ZMA. ZMA helps the body to increase free testosterone within the blood stream, which may have been previously “bound up.” Zinc is highly concentrated in the prostate, and has a vital role in the production of testosterone.

While steroids are a tempting choice, there are plenty of steroid alternatives that do not come with the list of warnings that anabolic steroids do. Try any of these options to steroids, or all three, and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results they produce.