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Spotless by Spunk-Jansen

Spotless 50ml Spunk-Jansen
Spotless 50ml Spunk-Jansen
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Spotless by Spunk-Jansen clears your complexion and keeps your pores clean and clear, helping to prevent blemishes. This fast and gentle formula contains three traditional blemish reducing herbs Soapwort, Elecampane and Lemon. This powerful combination of herbs subdues redness, gets rid of acne bacteria and oil production, all without drying or irritating your skin. Spotless soothes your skin instantly and at the same time absorbs the impurities in your skin and clears blemishes during the day and night.

Spotless works in three different ways:
Lemon, Elecampane, and Soapwort reduce acne bacteria.
Elecampane and Soapwort controls sebum production.
Elecampane and Lemon reduce irritation and redness.

Suggested Usage

To be used twice a day, morning and evening, after careful wash of the skin.