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Soy: Breast Cancerís Buddy or Beneficial Bean?

There has been much literature attributed to this flavorless protein in a pod; highlighting amazing health benefits of adding soy to your diet in whatever form you find most appealing, or the least unappetizing. Commonly found in many Asian dishes disguised by creatively flavored tofu, itís also widely used in dairy substitutes for the lactose intolerant in the form of almost milk, and a puzzling cheese-ish product. Research shows a high amino acid profile upon which they base their statement of a complete protein equal to a meat source. Claims made of reducing heart disease, lowering cholesterol, and aiding in menopausal ailments have all made the Soy Benefits list.

However, recent research is questioning a disturbing relationship it may hold behind the scenes; contributing to breast cancer like a lobbyist to a politicianís pocket. Recent research shows an interesting link between the soy derived isoflavones and their impact on developing breast tumors. Breast cancer cells proliferate under estrogen influence, and isoflavones have an estrogen-like effect through binding to estrogen receptors and stimulating existing estrogen dependent tumor growth. Studies have even shown that a high soy diet interferes with the anti-estrogenic effects of tamoxifen, prescribed to current breast cancer sufferers, by decreasing its estrogen blocking ability, opening up the cancerís food channels like a breast cancer buffet.

The effect of isoflavones during research appeared specific to those who already have malignant breast tumors, and suggests that eating a high soy diet reflects in a 66% lower affected female Asian population. But as we all know, we donít always know when we have a tumor, so the idea that we may be unknowingly contributing to its growth until the next mammogram, sits a little heavily on the stomach much like an oily loaf of tofu.

In the interest of gaining insight on the understood benefits of supplementation and nutrition, the owner of SuperHealthCenter.com gave us his own professional insight. ďThere are so many research based studies, each contrary to the last release of results; it gets to the point where youíve just run out to stock up on the next best thing, and while youíre standing in line, a press release comes out and claims it will do you harm, or thereís no basis behind it. Itís frustrating to try to figure out who and what to believe. Here at SuperHealthCenter.com we believe in comprehensive education, and we are continually updating ourselves on the latest trends, testing, etc so that we can guide customers to make their own choices based on substantiated facts. You can never know too much about what you are putting in your body, and you should make every effort understand what you are buying.Ē So, bottom line is to do your homework to achieve an informed decision, because with yet another considerably inconclusive stance, we are left scratching our heads wondering if soy is a destructive decoy, or a life enhancing legume.

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