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Sole Pads from Inner Health

Sole Pads 30ct Inner Health
Sole Pads 30ct Inner Health
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Sole Pads 30 count by Inner Health energize, invigorate and refresh your body with Sole Pads by Inner Health. These pads are designed to awaken your body, mind and spirit and enhance general well-being. Sole Pads are made from organic cotton and filled with 20% Tourmaline, Eleuthorococcus senticosus, Bamboo Vinegar and other natural herbs. These cleansing pads will absorb small amounts of your body fluids while you are sleeping at night. These Sole Pads are considered one of the most effective natural breakthroughs to enhance your well-being. Available now here at SuperHealthCenter.com.


20% Tourmaline for natural Far Infrared Rays & negative ions
Bomboo Vinegar
Achyranthis Root
Red Peony Root
Siberian Ginseng
Artemisia Iwayomogi
Caragana Sinica
Platycodon Grandiflorum

Suggested Use:

Before going to sleep, open the envelope protecting the Inner * Health SOLE Pad. Remove the paper from the adhesive gauze. Attach the gold side of the SOLE Pad to the center portion of the sticky side of the adhesive gauze. Remove the two thin strips of paper from the gauze. Like a bandage, attach the patch to the area of the sole of the foot you wish to cleanse. You will experience greater success, if you simultaneously attach SOLE Pads on the areas of your body that are affected.

Upon awakening remove the foot patches and wash off any remaining fluids.

The 62 reflexology points on the soles of the feet may be used as guides to achieve the best results with the Inner * Health SOLE Pad. A Pad may be reapplied, if it remains the original color upon awakening.

In accordance with the health conditions and physical constitution of the individual, the quantity of fluid absorbed and color of the patch may vary. The color of the soiled pads will change from their original white to gray, brown, green or even black. It, also, may take several days before the pads start changing color.

Applying one SOLE Pad daily, alternating between feet each night, may take a month or longer to achieve a dryer and lighter pad. Once the soiled pads are dryer and lighter in color, you can start a maintenance program of applying the SOLE Pads just twice a week.