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Smolder w/ extreme tingle indoor tanning

Smolder 13.5oz Designer Skin Boutique
Smolder 13.5oz Designer Skin Boutique
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Smolder™ Extreme Sizzle Dual Bronzer

Anti-aging and Firming Elixir with Wine Extracts

Burning up with desire for a sizzling dual action bronzer that delivers intense bronze color while also being passionate about skincare? Yearn no more, Smolder is that bronzing blaze of glory. Infused with potent wine extracts, this sultry, sizzling bronzer answers all your anti-aging and firming skincare needs. The result? Bronze color so deliciously hot and skin so ripe to the touch, you'll never settle for anything less. Smolder…heat things up and set hearts afire.

Infused with French wine extracts whose potent antioxidant properties fight the effects of extrinsic aging

Firming liposomes and copper visibly improve skin's firmness and texture

Powerful anti-aging cocktail of vitamins, essential oils and antioxidants

Fragrance: Apricot Orchid

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