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Be Self Made Manufactuers of Muscle
Nitric Oxide Skeletal Muscle Expander by Physical Sciences Only at www.SuperHealthCenter.com

You know, making muscle isnít easy, but those skinny guys suffering from muscle envy, and the hefty folk that feel winded just by watching you lift think its all brawn and no brains behind bulking up. But the science behind Physical Sciences products and your well informed choice of choosing a superior product is a testament against their remarks regarding meatheads. Your knowledge of nutrition and effective supplementation is what drives the purity and unparalleled efficacy of every Physical Sciences product, and the very reason for the recent release of their newest gym gem; Nitric Oxide Skeletal Muscle Expander.

Now, you know the benefits of Nitric Oxide have thus far been attributed to the increased swell and pump it gives you, and the vascularity that accompanies it, however, Physical Sciences wanted to produce a product that does that, and a whole lot more, for a whole lot more time. You see, typical N.O. products contain the precursor N.O. l-arginine. Thatís it. Well, your body uses what it wants and tosses the rest. So youíll get the pump and voluminous veins, but only fleetingly. Without some other component as a sidekick to prolong its stay, itís a very temporary touch up. Physical Sciences created their N.O. promoting product and added an ingredient to not only enhance the effects of N.O., but make it last. N.O. Skeletal Muscle Expander by Physical Sciences takes your muscle making efforts to another level. As part of the Building Block Series, NO Skeletal Muscle Expander is an extensively researched and tested formula designed specifically to increase, enhance and hone your bodyís ability to develop a firm foundation for your lean muscle gains. With a powerful combination of ingredients that target intensifying the synthesis of new muscle cells, NO Skeletal Muscle Expander bulks up your cells by saturating your plasma with N.O. to ensure superior results.

The component primarily responsible for the results youíll receive is L-arginineóthe precursor to Nitric Oxide. N.O. plays a significant role in growth by facilitating cell division to increase the number available to respond to anabolic activity and training. This effect also stimulates the release of natural hGh to make a monster out of your muscle manufacturing. And, it also bolsters recovery of cells naturally damaged during your daily training so the break down and rebuild is completed more efficiently through the transportation of immune system components to injury sites to facilitate healing.

Now, those effects are in ALL N.O supplements, however, what makes Physical Sciences Skeletal Muscle Expander unique is the implementation of Citrulline Malate to extend the life of N.O. in your system to prolong its impact on your protein synthesis and utilization. Also thrown in as a huge bonus is Creatine Ethyl Ester. This form of creatine is easily absorbed by cells and supplies them with endless energy to get the work done that you put into them, as well as beta-alanine to defend against fatigue that can foster muscle failure.

So, now you know the secret to getting stacked. Physical Sciences Building Block Series is tailored for the elite bodybuilder, and your results will reflect that reputation.