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Sinus & Allergy Relief

SinuFix Mist .5oz Natural Care
SinuFix Mist .5oz Natural Care
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SinuFix by Natural Care is designed to help relieve the annoying symptoms of sinuses and allergies. This unique formula helps make nasal passages and sinuses feel clear and more comfortable so you can breathe and sleep better, fast!

Use for the temporary, soothing relief of nasal congestion, sinus congestion and pressure, and dry, irritated nasal membranes associated with sinusitis, irritated/swollen sinus passages, hay fever, a cold, overuse of decongestant sprays or drops, or other upper respiratory allergies (allergic rhinitis). Helps clear nasals passages and promote nasal and/ or sinus drainage.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the primary cause of chronic sinus infection is fungi—molds and yeasts which become airborne like pollen. Antibiotics are often not effective because they target bacteria. And synthetic over-the-counter decongestants can lead to dependency.

Sinufix Gets to the Heart of Sinus and Allergy Symptoms...Before They Start

About 60 million people in the United States are plagued with sinus and allergy symptoms. And the number is soaring due to increased population and more resistance to antibiotics. Sinus congestion is miserable, and never seems to leave. It can start out like a cold with a scratchy throat, stuffy nose, headache, cough, fever, and sinus pressure, but it may last longer. And be impervious to some prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications.

SinuFix Mist relieves sinus pressure and nasal congestion, soothes dry, irritated nasal passages, and cleanses and moisturizes nasal and sinus passages so you can breathe and sleep better! It is a breakthrough patent-pending spray mist that is non-addicting, ephedra-free, and contains 100% natural ingredients.

And SinuFix Capsules support healthy sinuses and nasal passages, promote healthy immune response, and help maintain overall well-being!

SinuFix Mist -- for fast, natural sinus relief!
Sinus Pressure
Nasal Congestion
Soothes Dry, Irritated Nasal Passages
Cleanses & Moisturizes
Works in Seconds
Safe to Use as Often as Needed
No Synthetic Drugs
Dispenses Fine Mist in Precise Dose Spray
No Chemical Dependency
No Side-effects

Active Ingredients: Zincum Gloconicum (Zinc Gluconate) 2x, 6x, Euphorium officinarum 4x, 6x, 12x, Origanum vulgare (Oregano) 3x, 6x, Echinacea Angustifolia (Cone Flower) 3x, 6x, 12x, Hydrastis candensis (Golden Seal) 3x, 6x, 12x, Argentum metallicum 8x (silver), Kali sulphuricum (Potassium dichromate) 6x, 10x, Sanguinaria Candensis (Blood Root) 6x, Lemna minor (Duckweed) 3x, Luffa Operculata (Luffa fruit) 6x, Pulsatilla (Windflower) 3x, Sabadilla (Cevadilla seed) 6x, Sillicea (Silicon Dioxide) 8x, Spigella Anthelmia (Pink root) 3x.

Other Ingredients: Organically-Grown, patented Aloe vera extract; pantented process Collodial Silver, Green Tea extract; water soluble Tea Tree Oil; d-Mannose (natural monosaccharide); and Grapefruit seed extract 0.1%.

Suggested Use: Adults and children 6 yrs of age and older: Clear the nasal passageway by gently blowing your nose prior to using SinuFix. Remove the safety clip on the bottle. Prior to initial use, prime the pump by holding it upright and pumping 1 or more times into a tissue until the solution is dispensed. Insert nozzle into nostril and depress pump completely while breathing in through your nose. Spray 1 - 2 time in each nostril every 2 - 4 hours until symptoms subside. The nasal pump sprayer provides precise dose delivery of the soothing spray in a fine mist. Wipe nozzle clean after each use and replace cap.
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Allergies and you

It is not uncommon for many of us to experience different types of allergies, especially when living in areas where humidity is the highest. This usually increases the chances of becoming allergic to molds. It takes a humidity level of 50% or more to accommodate the growth of mold and other fungi. Since humidity exists consistently in the great outdoors, it can also be found indoors at drastic measures. This is usually due to the types of heating and cooling system you may be using. To help change these types of allergies, it is very important to pay attention the humidity level in certain parts of your home. Humidity is different from room to room; a perfect example of this is would be your basement and kitchen areas. Basements and kitchens have a higher chance of producing fungi because of the moisture levels being increased.

There are many different types of allergies such as allergic rhinitis AKA: hay fever resulting in inflammation in the linings of the nose and eyes in most people. Hay fever is seasonal, making symptoms appear when pollen and airborne particles are at their highest.

People who develop hay fever may also be allergic to:

• Pet Dander
• Dust
• Mold
• Pollens

There are also those who suffer from skin allergies, skin allergy symptoms such as hives, eczema, and rashes are types of allergies can lead to gastrointestinal problems and symptoms that can pervade the body and cause health problems such as fatigue, headaches, loss of smell, and sleep disturbances.

SuperHealthCenter.com has a wide variety of Allergy Care to help ease and fight off the everyday occurrences of allergy related symptoms.
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