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Shaker Pro 40

Shaker Pro 40 Shaker Pro
Shaker Pro 40 Shaker Pro
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Shaker Pro 40 is innovative, patented shaker cup technology that separately stores liquid and powder in the same shaker cup. Now available at SuperHealthCenter.com!

Directions: Instructions included.

Warnings: Do not shake while powder and liquid are stored separately. Liability and warranty exemption: The ShakerPro is a high quality, patented product and was produced according to the highest standards of excellence. Nevertheless, we request that the user check the functionality of the ShakerPro before using it. In the case of inappropriate handling, gross negligence or signs of wear and tear, 4 Sport Lift GmbH will undertake no liability. Also excluded is the liability for ingredients and substances in the content that you use. For this please refer to the package instructions of the respective manufacturer. The ShakerPro system does not provide functionality to keep things fresh. Further information about the ShakerPro system can be obtained in the internet at www.4sportlife.com