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DHB 300 by SciFit

DHB 300 by SciFit 60ct
DHB 300 by SciFit 60ct
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DHB 300 by SciFit is a simple answer for this very complex and expensive problem. After years of attempts to alter the prohormones to protect from enzymes, with some degree of success, supplement companies decided to attack the enzymes themselves.

DHB 300 by SciFit is designed to compete with the substrate hormone to attach itself to the enzyme. DHB Supplement Amplifier™ has a stronger affinity to the enzyme than the hormone product resulting in these destructive enzymes attaching themselves harmlessly to DHB Supplement Amplifier. The body then washes the enzyme harmlessly from the out of the body! This is truly a new class of product.

DHB will increase the absorption of any and all supplements, medicine or any other drug that it is combined with. So, whatever supplement you are taking you can now increase the bio-availability (absorption) of it by just adding a DHB supplement! What if someone had told you there was an inexpensive product that could boost a testosterone supplement effect so dramatically that you could get from 287% to over 500% more active testosterone in your bloodstream with your current suppliment dose? The active ingredient in DHB Anabolic Amplifier™ is derived from the furanocoumarin family. There are literally hundreds of studies on this natural extract phenomenon in conjunction with pharmaceuticals showing dramatic, really dramatic increases in plasma (blood) drug concentrations when people ingest DHB with or around the same timeframe.

DHB Instructions

Take 1-2 capsules with any pro-hormone or pro-steroid dose. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day. Consult your physician before using.