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Whole grain salba seed

Salba Seed 16oz (Whole Grain)
Salba Seed 16oz (Whole Grain)
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Salba is considered nature's perfect whole food and the richest source of omega 3's and fiber in nature. Salba promotes cardiovascular health and supports joint function and mobility. Also salba is a great source of fiber for digestive health and assists bowel funcion and regularity.

Enjoy Salba whole or grind in a coffee grinder. Store any extra ground Salba in refrigerator.

Uses for ground Salba: Gravy thickener, soup, oatmeal, etc. When baking, use 3 parts flour and 1 part ground Salba, or adjust as needed.

How to make Salba gel: Mix 8 parts water to 1 part Salba whole grain. Refrigerate in a sealed jar overnight.

Uses for Salba gel: Add to yogurt, pudding, or any hot or cold beverage. 1/4 Cup of Salba gel replaces 1 egg in recipes.

Salba Whole Grain Seed Supplement Facts

Suggested Use
12-60 grams per day (1-5 tablespoons). Salba can be consumed in whole or ground form and can be topically added or integrated into almost any food you can imagine. Salbas neutral flavor and moisture-retaining qualities will enhance the nutritional value without taking away from the experience of your favorite meals.