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Revive T Prohormone Post Cycle Treatment

Revive T 60ct by Fast Action - PCT
Revive T 60ct by Fast Action - PCT
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REVIVE T by Fast Action is Brand New!! to the supplement market. This post cycle therapy is great for users of Prohormones and other testosterone enhancers. REVIVE T is uses to balance your hormonal levels after a on cycle with a prohormone.

REVIVE T is formulate with a proprietary blend 100mg per tablet of Avena Sativa Extract, Agaricus Bisporus Extract & 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxyl-3-keto-delta 1,4,6-etioallocholtriene.

REVIVE T is a muscle building prohormone scientifically formulated to regulate hormonal levels after consuming Prohormones. REVIVE-T can be compared to Ultra-Hotter.

How does REVIVE T work?

Prohormones will cause a positive imbalance in your bodys testosterone production When you are finished with the prohormone, your body is still in a state of imbalance, however it is no longer receiving nutrients from the prohormone so it is completely off balance. This is a critical time as lack of testosterone production is the biggest reason you can lose your hard earned gains. REVIVE T contains several dietary supplements that synergistically combine to normalize levels and regain testosterone production so that your body retains the lean muscle mass and vascularity it gained from taking prohormones. The science behind REVIVE T shows the supplementation is most effective for safely producing testosterone activators so your body will control the release of testosterone and revert back to a normal balance.

-Avena Sativa Extract Aids in releasing bound testosterone in your body

-Agaricus Bisporus Extract Assist in controlling testosterone production

-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxyl-3-keto-delta 1,4,6-etioallocholtriene. Prohormone that opens testosterone activators in your body

What can I expect from REVIVE T?

Regulate testosterone and hormonal levels so you do not lose the hard earned gains you achieved by taking Prohormones.

How should I take REVIVE T?

Take 1 tablet of REVIVE T daily. It is recommended to take in conjunction with proper nutrition and a regular exercise program while drinking lots of water. For best results, increase total calorie intake and protein consumption. Do not exceed 30 days of use and follow with 60 days off.
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What is Post Cycle Therapy?

Post Cycle Therapy usually called (PCT) are supplements that bring your testosterone levels back down to a normal level after you have taken a supplement to increase your testosterone levels for strength or muscle gains. Your body actually will reduce high testosterone levels on its own but, during that time period while testosterone levels are below normal you can lose a descent amount of the gains you just made its like your body is working against you. PCT works to help regulate your testosterone levels bring them down naturally and keep those gains that you just made.

Benefits of using a PCT Supplement

Keep muscle and strength gains that you made
Libido stays raised
Moods stay regulated
Cleanse liver naturally

How long should I use a PCT supplement

In general 4 weeks should be enough time for your body to fully recover and be producing testosterone at a natural level on its own.

SuperHealthCenter.com has Post Cycle Therapy to help you keep those gains you have worked so hard to get and want to keep.
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