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Resurrect by Formutech Nutrition

Resurrect by Formutech Nutrition
Resurrect by Formutech Nutrition
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Resurrect by Formutech Nutrition prepares your body for huge gains and muscle recovery, providing deep REM sleep. Using Resurrect will help increase muscle development and reduce body fat while giving you a sense of well-being. You will find that you have more drive and motivation because of neurotransmitter dopamine release. Each serving of Resurrect delivers eight grams of the most powerful HGH secretagogues available. This high powered HGH formula contains essential neurotransmitters serotonin, epeniphrine and norepinehrine. The unique blend of “phenylbut,” GABA, dopamine extract, DMAE, n-acetyl tyrosine and 5-HTP has been formulated to cross the blood-brain barrier, making it far more effective than standard over-the-counter ‘mood enhancers’.

Order Resurrect today, here at SuperHealthCenter.com for stronger bones, bigger muscles, leaner body, more alert mind, even better sex and deeper sleep.

Take one (1) scoop of Resurrect with water 30 minutes before sleep. If first time user, start with a half serving.

This product may cause extreme drowsiness. Refrain from using any machinery after consumption. Do not consume more than the suggested amount.