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Redline RTD from VPX

Are you looking for a pre-workout drink that is going to help you burn fat and maintain a better mental focus all while promoting increased energy? The Redline Ready-to-Drink from VPX is one of the most intense energy boosters and fat burning drinks on the market today.

This powerful and effective fat burner is based around the “shivering response” of the human body. This is a physiological effect that the body has on itself to produce heat by burning calories through shivering when it is cold. Redline from VPX is great at exerting this effect on the body, burning up calories and excess body fat to help you get lean and sexy in no time.

But Redline RTD from VPX Sports does not stop at these effects. In addition to the burning of calories through the shivering response, Redline is also a powerful thermogenic that increases body heat output, which will have you sweating up a fat burning storm and dropping those unwanted pounds. This powerful one-two combination of the shivering response and thermogenesis is the ideal fat loss combination.

Added to these fat loss benefits, Redline RTD is also great for improving mental clarity and focus due to the incorporation of N-Acetyl-Tyrosine and vinpocetine. Make the most out of your workouts by maintaining mental clarity and focus, keeping your ultimate goal in mind.

For an energy-promoting and intense pre-workout supplement, the Redline RTD from VPX Sports is in a league of its’ own. Just crack a bottle open before your next workout, and you’re on your way to an intense, fat-melting workout like you’ve never had before.