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Cleanse your lower bowel w/ Quick Colon Part 2

Quick Colon Part 2 8oz Dr. Christopher
Quick Colon Part 2 8oz Dr. Christopher
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Quick Colon Part 2 Powder by Dr. Christopher is an effective cleansing and soothing formula that is to be used periodically in conjunction with Intestinal Corrective Formula #1. This formula is a strong purifier and intestinal vacuum. This formula will draw old fecal matter off the walls of your colon and out of any bowel pockets. It will also draw out poisons, toxins, heavy metals such as mercury and lead, and even remove radioactive material such as strontium 90. This formula will also remove over 3,000 known drug residues. Its natural mucilaginous properties will soften old hardened fecal matter for easy removal and also makes it an excellent remedy for any inflammation in the stomach and intestines.

Other Ingredients: Flax seed, Apple Fruit Pectin, Pharmaceutical Grade Bentonite Clay, Slippery Elm inner bark, Marshmallow root, Sweet Fennel seed and Activated Willow charcoal.

Suggested Use: Mix one heaping teaspoon of powder with four to six ounces of fresh juice. After consuming this, drink an additional eight to sixteen ounces of liquid. Repeat this five times every day until you finish the bottle.