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Pyruvate Supplements

Pyruvate is a form of pyruvic acid, a 3 carbon molecule that is made from the breakdown of glucose in the body. Pyruvate supplements are believed to help with weight loss by boosting metabolism and enhancing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Calcium pyruvate which is a combination of calcium and pyruvic acid is the most comon form for pyruvate supplements.

Along with boosting ATP production, pyruvate products may also increase protein uptake, glycogen storage and better utilization of fats for energy. Although it's commonly used by endurance athletes, pyruvate supplements aid in the promotion of weight loss and increased energy levels for anyone.

Benefits of Taking Pyruvate Supplements

Increase weight loss
Suppress appetite
Increase energy and stamina levels
Reduce fatigue after strenious activity
Increases muscle glycogen storage

Because glucose is used by cells for energy and is broken down by the body into pyruvic acid an increased level of pyruvic acid by supplementing is thought to enhance the bodys ability generate energy and metabolize faster.

Pyruvate supplements help the body the body to recover quicker and healthier during intense training or exercise. Anaerobic metabolism is crucial to promote gains in strength, speed and power for athletes as well as build muscle mass for bodybuilders and decrease weight loss rapidly.

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